Fire protection mandatory requirements in Slovakia

What are the duties in fire protection?

Legal entities must fulfill the obligations imposed by law, the details of which are further regulated in the decree. They are listed in §4 of Act 314/2001 Coll. Fire Protection Act. Let’s name at least a few:

  • perform fire preventive inspections
  • to fulfill fire protection measures in places and during activities
  • provide fire protection training to employees
  • keep documentation
  • operate and check fire engineering equipment (fire alarm, sprinklers…) and fire shutters
  • ensure the operation of buildings in accordance with the purpose, control of fire extinguishers, hose devices-hydrants, chimneys…etc.


It is not the purpose of this article to list them all or to provide transcriptions of legal norms. Of course, there are many obligations, and in practice their fulfillment can be a demanding and complex activity.

Professional competence is required to perform several activities. Professional activities such as preparation of documentation, preventive fire inspections and training are carried out by “Fire Protection Technician”.

Fire protection technicians are issued a certificate by the Regional Directorate of HaZZ. The certificate is valid for 5 years, after which it must be renewed. After several renewals, it is possible to issue a certificate without a time limit.

When designing a fire safety solution for a building, or when changing its use, the qualification “Fire protection specialist” is required. The fire protection specialist certificate is issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

Inspection and operation of equipment

You will most commonly encounter the inspection of portable fire extinguishers. The inspection is carried out by a natural person with a special authorization of professional competence to carry out repairs and maintenance of fire extinguishers. Authorization is not issued to companies, i.e. legal entities, but to individuals, i.e.  persons.

Although the inspection is carried out by a company, the confirmation contains specific natural persons and, as a rule, a special authorization is also documented.

Authorization is also required for inspections of EPS SHZ and other fire engineering equipment.

Fire shutters and their maintenance are provided by the person in charge of maintenance, if this has not been reserved by the manufacturer in the operating instructions of the fire shutter.

Why do I need a fire protection technician??

Although this article is very simplified, it gives you an insight into the fire protection issue. Therefore, if you operate or own facilities, or employ employees, it is likely that some of the above obligations apply to you. Companies and institutions have employed or contracted fire technicians so that they can carry out training and preventive fire inspections and organize the provision of fire protection.

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