HR involvement in Health and Safety

The contribution of Human resources in OSH

In practice, we often encounter the fact that human resources departments are entrusted with the issue of health and safety. Safety and safety culture is a reflection of the entire company, its management and employees. So it is not easy for one manager or one department to focus on such a topic.

Many international companies implement OSH awareness programs. An example can be the company DuPont.


Initiatives under different names aim to involve management, employees and other groups in a joint effort to increase safety. You may know them under names such as Safety first, Active safety, Journey to 0, CSR day, BOZP day, safety day. The common element is the active participation in the discussion and the involvement of management and employees.

This approach appears with foreign groups, but it is possible for every company to implement such or a similar program or communication campaign.

Another option is to join programs such as Bezpečný podnik, or the introduction of management systems in the field of health and safety, such as ISO 45001, which require some commitment and collaboration across the organization.

It is important to get the right perspective and be able to identify and evaluate risks.

How many dangerous situations can you see in the picture below?

If you counted 9, then you have all the prerequisites for you as a leader to contribute to safety in the company. It is enough to visit workplaces regularly, talk to colleagues about safety and not leave any dangerous situation uncommented or unnoticed. Nothing more, nothing less.

Try not to control, but to communicate, explain and look for ways to improve the situation.

As we have already said in the article about personal protective work equipment, the basis is to know the risks in your company. It is no coincidence that every company is obliged to prepare a risk assessment (Act 124/2006 §6 letter c). Does your company also have an up-to-date risk analysis? Download the free risk analysis template at the end of this article.

It is not prescribed how the risk analysis must be carried out. Forms, matrices, graphs, or other quantitative methods. However, since this document should be alive and should provide an overview, it is advisable to choose a methodology according to the ISO/TR 14121-2 standard, for example.

It uses a clear multiplication table, where probability and severity take on values of 1-5 and the resulting risk is therefore 1-25.

Download free formular for risk assessment (hazard identification and risk assessment).





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