News in Health and Safety Act 124/2006 from 1.1.2023

You may have noticed that as part of the measures to reduce the administrative burden (the so-called “kilečko 2”), some measures in the field of health and safety have also entered the legislative process.
Today (April 6, 2022), Act 114/2022, which amends Act 124/2006 on Health and Safety, was published in the collection. with effect from 1.1.2023

Whats new in legislation?

  • the periodicity of repeated OSH training is being extended! from the original 1x every 2 years to 1x every 3 years (fire regulations have remained unchanged so far, so 1×2 years in practice this discrepancy can cause complications)
  • review period for employee representatives – 5 working days
  • changes in issuing licenses
  • position of authorised safety technician  is canceled (there will no longer be a safety technician and an authorized safety technician, but only a safety technician)
  • the deadline for reporting an occupational accident is changing – 8 days
  • change of the deadline for announcing changes for entities with an exit and education authorization

As already mentioned above, changes in periodicity can cause a discrepancy between the deadlines for training in OSH and fire protection, which paradoxically can increase the number of trainings and increase the administrative complexity, when it will be necessary to start separately monitoring OSH and OPP training.

Let’s try to give a simple example in the table.


till 2023

from 2023





1 (Fire a HSE)

1 (fire)




1 (HSE)



1 (Fire a HSE)

1 (fire)





1 (Fire a HSE)

1 (Fire and HSE)


3 trainings

4 trainings

Reducing the administrative burden while maintaining the level of security is welcome.

Paradoxically, there is not a reduction in the administrative burden and a decrease in the number of trainings, but the opposite, i.e. an increase in the number of trainings and an increase in the administrative burden. In any case, we welcome this intention and we will believe that there will be such adjustments that will allow us to translate this simplification into practice.


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