Building site safety coordinator

Are you builder, developer, or investor?

  • Do you know that the legislation requires you to have a secured position of Health and Safety Coordinator at the construction site?

    Who is authorised:

    • safety engineer
    • construction supervisor -stavebný dozor
    • site manager -stavbyvedúci (who can not simultaneously perform the function of site manager and coordinator on the same construction site)
  • According to construction site size we can provide:

    • Safety plan
    •  Training for employees and contractors, subcontractors
    • management , inspection, and overview over construction works
    • proposal of safety meassures, and  technical solutions
    • plan of works being carried out at the same time
    • cooperation plan between employers working at a common workplace
    • physical inspections and inspections at the construction site
    • supervision of compliance with safety regulations
    • breath alcohol tests

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