Energy management systems ISO 14 001 and energy crisis

What does ISO 14001 have to do with the energy crisis? Depending on the nature of your business, energies such as electricity and natural gas may be identified as significant aspects or as opportunities. Management systems are systems derived from the ISO 9001 standard. They will allow you to create a system that will increase […]

Safety for everyday

Thanks to our experience and professionalism, we can meet you on every occasion. We are flexible with time. We are here for you when workers start in the morning, and throughout the day for guidance and management. We will also support you in meetings with top management, whether in German, English or Polish. We will […]

Safety during summer hot period

Surely you all know the feeling when you are exhausted by high temperatures at the workplace in the summer. How to deal with high temperatures. Temperature is one of the factors of the working environment, which significantly affects people. The basic regulatory framework is established by Decree 99/2016 on the details of health protection against […]

World safety day

28.4. is recognised as World safety day by ILO (International Labour Organization)  Safety at work requires anticipation, caution and awareness of employees about what can happen at work.   On the occasion of the World  Safety Day, we bring you some informative videos. We believe that by raising awareness, we will build a safe working […]

News in Health and Safety Act 124/2006 from 1.1.2023

You may have noticed that as part of the measures to reduce the administrative burden (the so-called “kilečko 2”), some measures in the field of health and safety have also entered the legislative process. Today (April 6, 2022), Act 114/2022, which amends Act 124/2006 on Health and Safety, was published in the collection. with effect […]

Safety mandatory requirements in Slovakia

Obligations in safety and health protection at work versus HSE control I would like to draw attention to some basic shortcomings from practice. Companies, entrepreneurs, legal entities, institutions often do not know what their obligations are to ensure safety and health protection at work. This is unfortunately very common. Many have been running a leading […]

Fire protection mandatory requirements in Slovakia

What are the duties in fire protection? Legal entities must fulfill the obligations imposed by law, the details of which are further regulated in the decree. They are listed in §4 of Act 314/2001 Coll. Fire Protection Act. Let’s name at least a few: perform fire preventive inspections to fulfill fire protection measures in places […]

HSE coloring book

For our little ones, we have prepared a free download for you. Milan Mikula

HR involvement in Health and Safety

The contribution of Human resources in OSH In practice, we often encounter the fact that human resources departments are entrusted with the issue of health and safety. Safety and safety culture is a reflection of the entire company, its management and employees. So it is not easy for one manager or one department to focus […]

Personal protective work equipment how and why?

What is the purpose of personal protective work equipment – PPE? PPE is one of the important elements of health and safety. They enable employees to protect themselves from dangers of various kinds. The key to proper application is a systematic approach. You need to correctly evaluate the risks and determine which risks the personal […]