E learning Safety

E-LEARNING - Modern flexible way to safe work environment

  • Flexibility

Forgod all the difficulities with setup trainings. With our E-learning you can finish your training when yoz like. All you need is interne access. Use you NTB, PC, Mac tablet or smartphone.

  • No time limitations

According to law employees must be trained before starting job. With Elearning you dont need to worry to plan meeting availability of trainers and meeting rooms.First impresons will be much better when you know what to expect.

  • Record keeping

Retraining is important and manadatory.  With our E learning yoz have clear overview when it is necessary including email notification.

  • Effective use of working time

Trainings can be long. Take your time interrupt and continue as you like.

What types of trainings are available?

  • Health and Safety (languagues  SK, EN, HU, UA, RU)
  • Fire protection(languagues SK, EN, HU, UA, RU)
  • Drivers (SK,EN)
  • Work at heights
  • Diisocyanates (3 úrovne)
  • chemical safety

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