Real world stories about safety

No one reads laws and boring articles about duties, so I want to share with you stories that can inspire you.

Of course I have to keep it confidential and leave out some details of titles and names, but you may still be interested in these stories.

This event happened during the construction of the building, which the company realized on its own with its employees. Scaffolding was used when building the walls of the building. The scaffolding was professionally built by qualified persons and put into use according to the protocol, so far everything has been going well.

During the actual construction, however, no supervision of the works was carried out. The workers wanted to make their work easier, and despite its limited carrying capacity, they loaded a considerable amount of material – bricks (approx. 1 pallet) onto the scaffolding.

Of course, the scaffolding is not designed for such a high load and the overload led to local damage. The material collapsed down. Unfortunately, other employees worked on the lower floors. One of them was hit in the head by the falling material and seriously injured. Another mistake was that the employees did not use helmets. The injuries later caused death.

Failure to comply with safety measures ended his life unnecessarily. Other units were involved in the investigation of this event, such as emergency services, as well as the police and the Labor Inspectorate. This case even went to court. The court determined fault on the part of the employee (the injured party).

It is always important to prevent occupational accidents! Not everyone has the knowledge and experience to effectively prevent accidents like the ones above. If you are an employer, a security technician or security service will help you. If, for example, you are a builder but not an employer, this could be the HSE coordinator at the construction site. In the case of small constructions, construction supervision.

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